Wednesday, April 6, 2011

it got stuck.

I just don't know why the lyrics of some of David Archuleta's songs stucked in my mind.
I just can't let it off my mind.
It's just, all of the song was so good.
The melody, The lyrics.
I just love it!
Because the songs was not too hard and it just calm.
Yeah, i'm tired.
But i just can't stop to rip the replay button.
arhh, maybe it's time for me to stop to hear all of those songs right now.
As i should sleep right now.
I have something important tomorrow.
So i need to be prepare and get a lot of rest as i can.
But i just can't stop typing right now.
I want to type something but my mind just can't produce the perfect idea for me to post in my entry right now.
I want to post something which is good and have a lessons inside it.
Urghh, maybe i should think of a raw idea first before posting something in my blog after this.
Just like how my English teacher taught me to make a brainstorming first before finishing a complete essay.
But, i didn't make it as my habit right now as the school days had passed.
You know what, i hate to write an essay before.
Because it was just too hard for me to create a great idea.
An essay means, the words must be more than 250 words.
It was just tooooooooo long.
But, right now i missed the time when my friends and I struggling to make the brainstorming and the essays.
It was just so much fun!.
I hope that I can repeat the time back.
But it was impossible.
That's the reality.

We can't repeat the time back. We must follow the flows of our life with a great times and never forget out roots. It was just so pathetic why would some people forgot their roots. So, we should never forget our roots. Never!. Because it just make us a bad person who never realised how beautiful the life it is if  we've ever learn from the past. The past teaches us to be a better person. :)

Terima Kasih

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