Tuesday, April 19, 2011

#3 learning (how to create painterly landscape)

O hai Guys, Assalamualaikum.

Today's entry might be fully in English and some in Malay. Yeah, i'm in the mood to write in English. I like to write in Malay because i can write randomly with a big scales of vocabulary. But, i'm trying to write in English because i'm trying to learn more about English. But, my grammar was BAD. ngeeee :D .

See the title?. It's about learning riyt?. So, biaselah it's about either Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. Lately, i've been searching about how to learn using Illustrator and Photoshop. And, ingat lagi tak yang saya lukis binatang tempang using the blob brush stroke in the previuos entry?. That tool actually dia macam bila kita lukis something using that tools, it is actually like correcting the cacat cela apa yang kita lukis. Macam you lukis bulatan nak buat smiley face. You lukis bulatan tu macam ade la part-part yg crooked then that tools macam jadikan bentuk dia cantik. Just like the binatang tempang yang i've drew before.

And, i've searched at the vector.tuts then i found this tutorial, same still using the blob brush stroke but at this tutorial, it is actually a tutorial about how to create a painterly landscape using the blob brush stroke. If  you want to learn it just go HERE  and then you can learn it step-by-step how to create it. Actually, you can find many useful tutorial especially for those beginner like me. And it was very very very useful!. Ok guys, Happy Learning!.

Till then,

ps : Eish, nak buat but i didn't know how to crack my illustrator so,i can't make it lagilah.
pss : Sangat inginkan drawing tablet right now! :)

Terima kasih


miss minn said...

woah, dah hebat sekarang! hehe, tunjuk lah skill sikit :)

LoveLy day :) said...

hehe. takdelah. masih belajar lagi. ok2, nnt2 bile dah boleh buat i'll show it here!, huaaa ngeee :D