Friday, April 15, 2011

#2 learning (header)

O hai Guys!, Assalamualaikum.

Today's Entry, again in English and some in Malay. Hehe.

Ah-ha, Have u seen my header?. Dah bertukar riyt?. I make those header using Adobe Photoshop CS3. And I think it's easier compared to make a design. Of course lah, because i'm still learning on how to use it right now. Sadly, I cannot open my Adobe Illustrator. I didn't know why. But, it says some of the files is missing. So, I'm trying to find a new Adobe illustrator right now. Biaselah, adat mendownload kan?.

Ah-ha guys, Actually I make the header just using the gradient tool and the brushes. It's quite easy, because it doesn't need lots of tools and all those things yang complicated. I like to make my header simple. And I like something natural as my header, that's why i choose tree and the grass plus maple leaves *I think, in my header. 

I've learn how to use the gradient tool and the brushes mmg dah quite lama dah. Actually my old header also i've used the gradient tool and the brushes. It is because that's the only tools that I know how to use it right now. Actually, If we want to learn using Photoshop, we must know how each tools in the Photoshop works. And right now i'm still learning it. But, today i didn't learn anything. Some problem occur to my Adobe Photoshop and at first it says AdobleLinguistic.DLL file is missing when i've downloaded it and upload into my computer then it says that the specific module could not be found. :'( 

Yeah, Suraiya, bersabar.bersabar. There's a solution behind every problem riyt?. Takpelah nanti saya suruh abang saya selesaikan masalah ini. Dah la saya tak terer sangat pasal computer nie, Terror ade lah. hehe. Ok tak header baru saye?. keh keh keh

Till Then,

Terima kasih


miss minn said...

woah header baru toooo!!! comels2! :)

LoveLy day :) said...

hehe. tq! :)