Sunday, April 10, 2011

#1 D-e-s-i-g-n.

O Hai guys, oops. maybe, Assalamualaikum is so much better riyt?. and so much I call it sopan.

I'm thinkin' of writing my entry today in english and some in malay i think. Don't mind about the grammar. I know that my grammar was BAD. Don't mind that yeah?.

Can you see my title?. O yeah guys, right now i'm thinking about making a design submission to Threadless. I like t-shirt especially those that has a cartoon strip or cartoon on it. I had two t-shirt from threadless which my older brother gave it to me. The t-shirt was so comfortable and i like the fabric used. I'm thinking of buying it, sadly, i didn't have enough money. Hehe. Biaselah budak-budak lepas SPM yang unemployed sebab malas bekerja cuma rajin membesarkan badan dan makan sampai perut jadi buncit. Haha.

But, the main problem is i'm not pro and i didn't know much about adobe photoshop. I need to design it using photoshop, I already had the sketches for the design and i need to convert it into photoshop. Who want to be my partner?. Yeehaa. Never mind lah. I'm partnering with my brother I think. But, he is busy with exam and busy designing those PFMST t-shirt. Huh!. Maybe i should wait and keep doing the sketches but i already had not much time because it's been April and Maybe if  I dapat rezeki untuk masuk Matriculation, so it's been till May lah. Then i'll be busy with studying back. Can't wait it lah!.

Ape-apepun nanti, if  I was rajin i'll upload the design in my blog and i want you to comment or critique it. Because i believed, when everyone comment or critique our works, it's actually will make us doing much better in the future. Ini hanyalah percubaan sahaja untuk submit the design. Memang lah rasa terliur bila tengok reward apabila design dipilih which is you akan dapat $2000. Tak rasa cam best?. Tapi, saya tak berharap semua tu, it's just i wanted to get an experience saja dalam bidang design-design nih. Dan saya akan cuba untuk pro dalam guna Photoshop, which i should install the Adobe Photoshop back in my laptop :).

Hah! i've just finishing my lunch with my family just now. We had Ayam masak kicap which is Yummeh!. Pajeri rebung-first time eating it and dengar it. hehe. Sayur ntah. Budu with kacang botol- Hey!, who says that i tak makan Budu, itu dululah when i had a cronic skin allergy before but now dah baik and sekarang my nose was itchy!. hehe. And Ikan selayang goreng. When it is Sunday, we always had our lunch late around 3 or 4pm. It's just a habit for my family. hehe. As u all see, i never post any of the picture about food in my blog(but there's one-the chocolazad chocolate. Yummeh!). But, maybe i'm thinking of posting an entry about food later when i think i want to post it. Hehe.

Ok guys, Till then!

Terima kasih :)


eRiZa_EzRiN said...

yangg ..aww aww .. aq truje kaw mkan BUDU !! hehehe

LoveLy day :) said...

eriza :wahh! eriza bace.eriza bace!. hey! ayah saye org terengganu so mesti ikut makan budu jugak lah. but tak makan lah petai-petai, jering-jering segala bagai yang berbau tu dicicahkan bersama budu. hahah. kaw makan budu?. :P

eRiZa_EzRiN said...

aq xmkan budu laa .. ntohh laa nape .. xtahu de real reson nya .. hehe ... act. abah saya owg klantn yg d besar kan d phang .. tp ktowg xmkan budu .. abah saya jaa yg mkan ..aneh kan ..? hahaha

LoveLy day :) said...

eriza : rugi lerr tak makan budu. tak girly-lah!. wahaha. aneh?. tidak kot. sebab ade je yang macam tue. Bergantung pada orang lah. kalau die tak minat makan ataupun mmg rasa tak nak makan tu je.

eRiZa_EzRiN said...

wahh .. kene mkan BUDU baru GIRLY eh ..?? ty na try laa .. ane tahu .. tibetibe jd GADESMELAYUTERAKHER .. heee

LoveLy day :) said...

haha. ye arr. baru cool makan budu!. hahahha. ce try ce try makan. nanti terus jadi mah-mbut-pantun. keh keh keh. :)