Tuesday, April 12, 2011

#2 design

Assalamaualaikum guys!.

Today's entry, again in English and some in Malay. It is because, i wanted to keep practising using english in my daily life. Neglect the GRAMMAR okeyh!. i know it is BAD. And i'm still learning. :)

It's been a nice day today!. And I think i ate lots of  foods today, and i had a feeling plus my mind always tells me that i was GEMUK and GEMUK and GEMUK. I've been eating roti bakar with hot Milo then I consume jeruk mangga plus mineral water and roti bakar again. See?. How come la i tak GEMUK!. Although my weight awalys kept constant till now but i keep feeling that i was GEMUK!. Yeah, perempuan biaselahkan, kita sentiasa rasa yang diri kita gemuk and in FACT, sebenarnya perempuan ni takut gemuk sebenarnya. Yelah, everyone nak jaga penampilan riyt?. So sebab tulah ramai orang sanggup berhabisan duit beli product to lose weights.

Ok, guys. Back to the topic. I like to write the mukaddimah yang tak berkaitan dengan topic. Sebab kebiasaanya i'll write the mukaddimah about my life and what i feel today. It's been a while, i didn't update my entry because i felt that it wasn't important if I update it everyday. I have not much idea to write in today so I decided to write about design again. Bear <--betui ke dak aku eja ni tah. with it yeah!. hehe

I can't wait for my brother anymore. As u all know from my previous entry which is I don't know much about photoshop. So, today, I decided to learn photoshop in a quick way. But, before that, I need to install back the Adobe photoshop in my laptop. Unfortunately, i can't find any link that is believable so that i can download it from the internet. I've make a back-up file on the other computer when this laptop being formatted before. But, the computer wasn't here. So, I should wait till tonight so that I can take back the photoshop file and transfer it to my laptop using the network sharing because my usb port is malfunctioned. *sad*.

Then, I tried asking my older brother whether he know how to use the photoshop. Yeah, he knows but he didn't know how to draw things using photoshop. *sad again*. Then, he introduced me to this website which it contains lots of tutorial about designing. So, here it is for the website psd.tutsplus.com . You can find lots of tutorial about how to use the brush tools and so many more. It is actually great for those like me who wanted to learn or berjinak-jinak dengan photoshop, From A to Z. Yeah, cepat-cepat! if you wanted to learn about photoshop. Learning photoshop is actually good because in this era of technology you will need to learn it to make the design, or making templates for your blog, hey! some people use it to colour their artwork and so many more. Memang susah pada mula2nya untuk guna photoshop macam saya buat template blog saya yang tak cool itulah. That is my first percubaan to learn how to use photoshop.

I had 4 sketches right now for the design submission. And thinking of buat-buat lagi till I puas. Sebabnya saya rasa all of the sketches macam design budak kecik punye lah!. hehe. But, kesemuanya always lah dalam bentuk cartoon. Because you know what, saya memang suka kartun but i didn't like to watch the cartoon on the television. Ala, macam orang yang makan tempoyak tapi tak makan durian lah!. *terase*. Nantilah, i'll upload the sketches later if I rajin lah!.

Till then!

Terima kasih :)


miss minn said...

hamboih, siap main photoshop bagai. ai tak penah pandai main main potosop ni. sedih betol! :'(

LoveLy day :) said...

hehe.kene gune photshop. tapi rase nak gune illustrator lah!. hehe. su pun tak pandai photoshop jugak. cube jee tue. hee :)